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MyFampal Parent is an exciting new service that helps you take control of your family’s wellbeing. MyFampal Parent is an easy-to-use app that helps you monitor how well your family functions as a unit and then lets you compare your results against others.


All families have their ups and downs. It’s easy to think that there’s nothing ‘typical’ about teen anger, antisocial behavior or mood swings.

All children go through tough periods while growing up. For example, early on they push boundaries and learn about right and wrong; later they find out that stress in social situations, hormonal issues, trouble sleeping and seasonal affective disorder can be unfortunate facts of life.

Most children come through the other side as well-rounded adults. Some find it harder – especially when they have to cope with more traumatic events. Scientists estimate that two-thirds of children are faced with life-changing experiences like bullying and abuse. It’s difficult to know for sure whether children are just going through a rough patch or struggling with something more concerning, like anxiety or depression. What parent support there is normally comes in the form of treatment for mental health issues that already exist.




The MyFampal Parent service is easy to use on your smartphone, tablet or computer, with plenty of helpful instructions. Once you have logged in, you, as the administrator, will be prompted to complete your details and those of the children you want to include within the family group. You can add other trusted adults such as parents / caregivers, grandparents or any adult you think has oversight or responsibility for caring for your children. You control and define which relationships exist and who can make observations about which child. You can change these access rights at any time and you can also control who sees the results that are generated.


Entering data is easy. You will be prompted at different points to complete a range of questionnaires. The questions are straightforward and require honest answers if you are to get the most value out of the service. Typically, you will be asked to agree or disagree (with ranges in-between) with sets of statements from scientifically validated questionnaires about your family dynamics, your children’s attitudes and behaviors, and the quality of life of you, and your family. We have also developed Mood-clicks™, a simple event-based tracker that allows you to record spontaneous events over time to detect patterns in the moods of your children. All of this builds up to give you a well-rounded, objective assessment of your family and is designed to help you pre-empt and prevent problems arising.



When reviewing the results entered by you and other trusted adults in the family circle, click on the particular report you want to view, and consider the results carefully. Look out for individual findings that may require further action. Reflect on some of the background information to the results and discuss the findings with other trusted adults in the family circle. If you believe something does require action, then in the first instance take a look at our current recommendations section or contact a professional for further advice or behavior therapy.

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How MyFampal Parent can help
MyFampal helps helps families pre-empt and prevent mood disorders before they take root. In the same way that we take exercise and manage what we eat to maintain fitness, MyFampal Parent is here to help you with your family’s emotional wellbeing.