The MyFampal story


All Families Have Their Ups and Downs



MyFampal is a new organization dedicated to connecting families with proven resources and experts to pre-empt and prevent developmental problems from becoming life altering and permanently debilitating. MyFampal is rooted in rigorous scientific evidence and analysis. The founders of MyFampal are two successful entrepreneurs and fathers who each have spent 20 years innovating and investing in healthcare research. They are backed by an Advisory Committee made up of eminent psychiatrists, psychologists and family health experts.

All families have their ups and downs. Our founders experienced personally the effect of child and teen behavioral problems and responded by setting up MyFampal.

John Kerrigan, Founder “As a typical motivated parent, it’s easy to think your family is immune to family or child development problems you read about. Our family has struggled to manage escalating behavioral problems. This highly stressful time for the family triggered a couple of obvious questions. Why didn’t my wife and I see it coming? And, what could we have done to prevent it? The questions sound simple, but as we discovered after a couple of years of preparatory research, the answers are highly complex and the evidence on what is effective is sparse. MyFampal was formed to help yours and future generations of parents avoid the turmoil and cost we incurred to help our family steady our ship.”

Paul Howard, Founder “As a father of four children who are now all into early adulthood, I guess we have experienced most of the challenges that face children and adolescents as they develop. Fortunately, my children are all happy and healthy, but I know that other families have not been so lucky. Seemingly normal, happy kids who my wife and I have known as part of our extended family and friends network, have developed problems out of what seems like thin air. Sometimes the issues have been minor and transient but others have been serious and persistent.”

All children go through tough periods while growing up and many teens experience anxiety and depression before coming through the other side as capable adults. Some find it harder – especially when they have to cope with more traumatic events. Scientists estimate that two-thirds of children are faced with life-changing experiences like bullying and abuse. It’s difficult to know for sure whether children are just going through a rough patch or are risking more serious mental health issues. At the same time, what support there is for families, often comes after the emotional damage has already been done.

MyFampal aims to pre-empt and prevent mental health and serious behavioral issues before they take root. In the same way that we take exercise to maintain fitness, we should take daily action to ensure our families’ emotional wellbeing.


MyFampal Parent is the organization’s first product. This is a unique annual subscription service to support parents who want to take control of their family’s wellbeing. This is an easy-to-use web service that helps you monitor how well your family functions as a unit and as individuals, and then lets you compare your results with other families.